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Monday, June 30, 2014

By Kamal Swami

Porsche Macan touches Indian boundary

Porsche Macan the upcoming SUV from German car maker Porsche has finally entered inside the Indian boundary. It is reported that 10 units of Porsche Macan S diesel have reached in India and would be soon launched in Indian car market for sale. Industry experts believe that the delay in launch of Macan by car maker might be due to general elections of 2014, and for a new government for deciding pricing and other factors associated with SUV.
The SUU would be equipped with 3.0 litre V6 diesel engine churning the power of 258 bhp and torque of 580 Nm. it will attain the top speed of 230 kmph and capable of accelerating speed from standstill to 100 kmph within the period of 6.3 seconds. It is endorsed to be the fuel efficient SUV delivering an average of 19 kmpl. It will be equipped with PDK transmission system in top end variants and four wheel drive system in regular variants. The Macan would be sold in two versions Macan turbo and Macan S diesel.
As far as price of Porsche Macan is concerned nothing has been so far revealed by the company, however it is expected to be offered with price tag of Rs. 90 lakh which will include its import price Rs 37 lakh and other prices for instance custom duties and local taxes.

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