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Friday, February 17, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Porsche’s baby SUV named as Macan

The German auto brand, Prosche has officially confirmed the name of upcoming baby SUV as ‘Macan’, earlier referred by the name of ‘Cajun’. The newly revealed image of the futuristic Macan has created the sensation among the buyers.

The Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG, Bemhard Maier has said that the term ‘Macan’ symbolizing the significant characters of the vehicle like power, efficiency, charm and dynamics, derived from the Indonesian word used for the tiger. The new Porsche Macan has been designed on the company’s new model strategy of “Strategy 2018”.

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The new Macan has been equipped with all the sporty features, conveying a positive meaning to the customers, he added further. Company defines it as the entry-level compact SUV that will allure the new and young buyers along with the 2012 Porsche Boxster. The entire manufacturing of the Macan will be ensued for the Porsche’s Saxony manufacturing plant in Leipzig, Germany in 2013.

This would be the largest manufacturing project in the company’s history with the total investment of 500 million Euros including from the body assembly to the final finishing. It is estimated that Macan SUV project will bring the 1,000 new job opportunities. The new Porsche Macan SUV will be the fifth models from the company, inspired by the Audi Q5 hatchback, manufactured at Bratislava.

It is expected to come with the various engine options including the V6 petrol engine, four cylinder turbocharged powerplant, diesel engines and a hybrid engine. The Porsche Macan will be priced same as the mid-range Audi Q5. On its way to success, company is aiming high to achieve the sales figures of 150, 000 units annually.

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