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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

By Kamal Swami

Production of Tavera re-started by General Motors

Finally after relaxation of four months General Motors has started the production of Chevrolet Tavera in Indian car market. As reported earlier company had stopped the production of Tavera in Indian car market four months back due to issues associated with emission. And now after solving this issue and receiving approval from government of Indian company has re-started the production of Tavera BS III and Tavera BS IV models.
Chevrolet Tavera Image
General Motors had recalled 1.14 lakh units of Tavaera this year during this July due to regulatory and omission issues associated with Tavera. As the result of these issues company witnessed decline in sales to 10.71 percent by selling out 6575 units of Chevrolet.  These issues affected the sales of other vehicles manufactured by company especially its MPV Chevrolet Enjoy which at one time was in high demand because of its superior performance. It would be interested to know that at some point sales of Enjoy helped company to sustain its existence in market otherwise sales of company would have noticed huge decline.
Chevrolet Tavera Pictures
In other words it could be said that sale of Enjoy MPV kept name of company alive in hearts on customers. On the other side company was confident that it will resolve all the issues associated with Tavera at the earliest and re-start its production. And now as company has re-started its production and sales it expects to see an increase in its sales figures.
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