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Friday, April 13, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Rebadged cars, the new formula to boost sales

Re-badging seems to be new mantra for car industry in India. Skoda used it for Skoda Rapid by re-badging Volkswagen Vento, Renault did it to launch Renault Pulse which is a re-badged version of Nissan Micra. And as per the latest buzz, Renault is soon to launch a re-badged version of Nissan Sunny sedan that will be called as Renault Scala. Though the rebadging saga is not new but with these recent additions it is in upbeat in the Indian car market. And specially when the rebadged versions excel than the original models.   

Skoda Rapid Pictures

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Producing many cars based on a single car is what seems to be working in India. Where this makes a new car quickly, it also helps car makers put a check on the production costs as all the cars made from the same base car often share a lot of components and platform thus there is no need to put in different parts in each car. Skoda Rapid and VW Vento also share a lot of components besides the platform and thus Skoda Rapid has been a very cost effective car for the Czech car maker and for the VW group as a whole. The overall reduction in cost has also been reflected in the price of the car that has been kept low.  

Volkswagen Vento Pictures

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Rapid rebadged car and it parent VW Vento have cumulatively driven past their rival Hyundai Verna Sales in March. Where 2882 Rapid’s were sold in March the figure is 3908 for Vento. Verna sales stood at 4132 units. Thus the rebadged mantra has really worked. Both the Vento and Rapid are produced at the Chakan plant. Similarly Renault has been able to do the wonder with Renault Pulse by building it on Nissan Micra. Both Micra and Pulse are produced at the Chennai plant that is co owned by these two car makers.

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