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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Relief for Car Owners through Motor Vehicle Act

There's a sigh of relief for the people who have had complaints regarding their cars. The automobile companies which have been selling cars with faults, will now have to pay fines for the same.

The Road Transport and Highway Ministry of India has planned to introduce a policy which will give the governement right to fine the automobile companies with Rs.1 Lac, or a three month jail sentence, or both.

This policy, called The Motor Vehivle Act, is at present in amendment process, and is expected to be passed soon by the expert committee appointed for the same purpose.

There was a similar initiative taken by the government last year, when they suggested a fine of Rs.10 Lacs, on the automobile companies manufacturing faulty cars. But the bill was then declined by the standing committee. The Motor Vehicle Act will enable a faulty car's owner to file a complaint with State Transport Authority (STA). Then, the thorough investigation in the matter will be undertaken, and thus appropriate action would be taken regarding the same.

This act has been in rule in other developed countries, since long. The National Road Safety Authority in those countries recalls the defective cars, when their respective companies fail to do so.

Official from Indian Foundation of Transport Research and Training said that this bill has been into formulation just because of the disagreeing of the car companies.

The IRTFT sent letters to the Road Transport and Heavy Industries Ministries, claiming that companies who have recalled their products in the past, have done so just to build their image, and not for the safety of the car owners.

In the past, leading carmakers like Honda and Maruti have recalled their faulty cars, manufactured in a certain period of time.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Honda civic look wise very good

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