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Saturday, November 17, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Renault and Nissan to launch different products to establish independent identity

People have been equating Renault Pulse with that of Nissan Micra and Renault Scala with that of Nissan Sunny but soon this would not be a case anymore. Both Renault and Nissan have reportedly decided to launch entirely different products in the future and there will be no copying. Also, the future products by these two in-alliance car makers will be different from each other. The said decision is backed by the recent almost no success of the Pulse and the Scala sedan. As both these cars are just remakes of  Micra and Sunny respectively, car buyers research beforehand and thus prefer theoriginal than the remake. Also, buyers of Pulse and Scala are those who are well educated and those research a lot before buying any car.

Renault Pulse Pictures

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However, the Scala and Pulse are entirely different in terms of feature and in somewhat looks as well but despite that these two cars were not well taken. Now that Nissan is in the process of launching a remodeled version of the Renault Duster, it is believed that the new Nissan SUV will have to succumb to the same fate as these two Renault remakes have faced. Experts also believe that once these two brands launch different cars it will result in separation of the identities and no new product will be a waste.


Nissan Micra Pictures

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Also, now on there will not be any copying but the two car makers will continue to share the production line at the plant in Chennai. In addition to this, Renault will be launching the Datsun brand of car in 2014 and with that it will be able to differentiate itself more with Nissan. Since Datsun will be a low cost car brand it will not only bring volumes to it but it will also strengthen the brand in India.

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