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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

By Anil Jangid

Renault car sales increase 8-fold, kicks off Renault Cricket Lookout Fantasy Game

Renault India is brimming with joy as the previous month did turn out to be fantastic one, in the context of the sales. According to the latest reports, the company did witness an upward swing of about 8 times in sales during previous month. If we talk in the terms of the number of vehicles that were sold by the company, the number of sold vehicles accounts for 8,232 units in March this year. Amidst various vehicles of the company, SUV Renault Duster did play an important role in enhancing the revenues of the company as it really did very well in the market. The representative of the company revealed in a statement that the SUV Duster did account for 6,313 units, compact car Renault Pulse did account for 541 units, SUV Renault Koleos did account for 15 units, sedan Renault Scala did account for 1,026 units and sedan Renault Fluence did account for 337 units.

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Sumit Sahney (Executive Director, Marketing and Sales) of Renault India reportedly stated that March turned out to be surprisingly an outstanding month in terms of the sales figure. He added further that the sales figures are really surprising by taking into consideration, the prevailing economic downturn in the market. Cars are manufactured at the plant that is situated in Oragadam, Chennai. This manufacturing facility is capable of producing four lakh units per annum.

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One more interesting news comes from the company wherein the company has revealed about the Renault Cricket Lookout Fantasy Game. This game is scheduled to begin from 3rd April, 2013. A user can play his own game that will be based on the actual action of the IPL that is also commencing from the same date. A player doesn’t require anything to play this game besides a bit of knowledge about the game and an intuitive mind, in order to foresee the course of every single match. Company has also made the provisions for distributing attractive prizes for the winners of this game.

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