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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Renault could launch ultra low cost car soon

If ever there will be a car at a much affordable price than the Tata Nano it will be from Renault. It is sure, it seems. A recent media report has confirmed that Renault is making a small car that will be international appeal and a car that will be a volume puller. As per the auto industry experts, since Renault has planned to be one of the major car makers in the near future, the small car will be helping it realize this dream. In India, the car maker has currently the Nissan Micra remake Renault Pulse as the most affordable car. If it launches the new small car here in India, it will be an instant hit. Also the announcement seems to have been perfectly timed as the small car Maruti Alto 800 is about to be launched on the October 16.

Renault Twingo Pictures

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As per sources information, the small car will be an under Rs 2 lakh car and it will almost revolutionize the car markets across the world. Experts also believe that Renault has the technology and know how and it knows that what the car buyers want and by pitching in the small car in markets such as India, it will be able to get an edge over other car makers. However being a small car and at an incredibly low price, people must not expect too many features in the car. Also, the car is expected to come with basic features and the engine capacity is also believed to be low. In all probability, the car will be meant for city driving.

Renault Pulse Pictures

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The car maker has sensed that India lacks a compact SUV and it has launched the Renault Duster. It has sensed that people are in demand of a premium sedan and it launched Renault Fluence and recently the Renault Scala. Similarly the small car is needed in the country and Renault will be doing its best to launch it as soon as possible. The name and make of the car is still unknown but some suggest it to be some adaptation of the Renault Twingo.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Renault pulse looks stylish and The Pulse price range is 5.80 lakh to 7 lakh and it looks like Renault’s good market research and understanding of Indian customer needs helped them in developing a car that is all set to stir the small hatchback market.

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