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Monday, December 10, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Renault Duster 4x4 launch in India soon

The Renault Duster has proved its might even if it has power delivery by two wheels only. But it is soon have its 4x4 variant coming, probably at the end of this fiscal. With this, those who felt the Duster to be in want of power when put to real off roading will be highly delighted. In addition to this, the official seven seater version is also in the making. Notably, the Duster is the most popular and the best selling Renault car in India and this SUV has received the most exciting response from car buyers. It is believed that the Duster 4x4 will be completing the model line up as the SUV lacks on this front only.  

Renault Duster Pictures

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The 4x4 Duster is already in production at the Renault-Nissan joint plant in Chennai and it will have little effort in putting the new transmission system and power delivery into the India specific model. Reports also suggest that in addition to meeting the domestic demand, the car maker will also be exporting the Indian plant made Duster 4x4 to other countries. The Duster 4x4 price is expected to be at least Rs 1 lakh more than the present models that start at Rs 7.49 lakh. It is also believed that the 4x4 model will be available on the top of the line Duster RxZ model.  

See More Renault Duster Photos Get Renault Duster Price


Launch of the 4x4 version of this car will equip it to have better scope than Ford Ecosport that is also nearing its launch besides the Maruti XA Alpha that is also line up for launch sometime next year. In addition to this, the new full SUV feature studded Duster will be able to get an edge over its opponents including the Mahindra Quanto, Tata Safari, Mahindra Scorpio and the little effect SUV Premier Rio.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Hike of Rs 1 lakh in price is not issue but 4x4 wheel drive version of the Duster India should become fuel efficient like 4x2 model. It is very beautiful SUV and appears decent.

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