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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Renault Duster dominates November sales

The month of November 2012, was certainly a strong month for Renault India. The car company has been doing pretty well in the Indian car bazaar since the time it has stepped foot here. The company showed a steady escalation last month by selling 6607units. If we look at the sales of October 2012, the company sold 6790 units. In last seventeen month, Renault India came up with five new and fresh cars for its Indian fans. Furthermore, it developed its dealership network to 75, which made Renault to climb the ladder of success with a rapid pace. The firm developed many products and facilities for the Indian car fanatics. The company is hoping to expand its dealership network to 100 by the end of this year.

Renault Duster Pictures

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However, the market is still not in a good shape, but seeing the growth of Renault, the firm is hoping that the growth will be steady this year. Especially after the launch of Renault Duster, the success for Renault sprung-up in no time. Duster was well-appreciated and accepted by the Indian consumers with a happy face. Also, the firm opened up 75 dealerships in less than eighteen months, which helped the company in moving-up on the graph.


See More Renault Duster Photos Get Renault Duster Price

If the sales figures of November 2012 are taken into account, the automaker managed to sell 6607 units, which accounted 5251 units of Duster, 807 units of Scala, 436 units of Renault Pulse, 82 units of Renault Fluence and 31 units of Renault Koleos.All these cars in the Indian car bazaar have helped the company to score high and make a space of its own in the hearts of Indian consumers. After increasing its dealership outlet figure to 100, the sales will also go-up on the graph.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Very good has Renault Duster. For a new company and new vehicle the sales figure of 6607 units a month is the subject of vast pleasure.

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