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Friday, December 21, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Renault Duster going in Dakar Rally

Renault Argentina will turf 2 races with its sporty SUV, Renault Duster in the famous Dakar Rally. This rally will begin on 5th January 2013 and would be continued till 30th March 2013. The rally will commence at Lima, Peru and ends at Santiago, Chile. To fetch the popularity level to great heights, it will have to complete the race distance without any trouble.  The Renault Duster models that will be participating in the Dakar Rally 2013 will be headed by Argentine team, comprising of Emiliano Spataro, who will be navigated by Benjamin Lozada and Francisco Jose Garcia, who would be dominated by Javier Mauricio Malano. 

To make Dusters up to the mark, the car will be tweaked a bit on the hardware side, in order to make it strong enough to bear 8000km plus drive. 
Under the hood, the rally Renault Duster will be fitted with Berta V6 engine that would churn out peak power of 306BHP along with 442Nm of maximum torque. This engine is mated with a SADEF six speed sequential automatic transmission accompanied by self locking differential. To make it more strapping and strong headed for the Dakar Rally, Renault Duster SUVs to get Ventilated disc brakes, which would made more top-notch with 6 piston caliper up in the front and four piston units for the rear. 
The front suspension of Duster will combine the double wishbone arrangement along with the nickel molybdenum alloy steel and shocks developed by Baratec. The rear suspension will have four-link design. With so much of enhancement, the Dakar Rally Renault Duster is surely very impressive and now actually justifies the name given to it. It would be exciting to see now how Renault Duster performs at the Rally and will it be a success over there or not!

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