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Friday, December 21, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Renault Duster leaves behind EcoSport in November sales in Brazil

If there is any car that Ford India and Ford Brazil will ever hate the most, it will be Renault Duster. It has literally swept market to its side in India ahead of the launch of Ford Ecosport and it too has outnumbered Ecosport in terms of sales in November. These two, popularly called compact SUVs have managed to get hold of the entry level SUV market in here and Brazil. The reason why Duster outsells Ecosport is due to its not so compact looks and the power underneath. In India the EcoSport price is expected to start at Rs 7 lakh while the already launched Renault Duster price starts at Rs 7.49 lakh.

Renault Duster Pictures

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Thus both these SUVs have almost the same start price and now it is a clear comparison of specification and features that give these an upper hand over each other. The Ford SUV has Brazil as its homeland while it seems that the Duster has made the new market its home. Alike India, the Renault car had to make least effort in settling down and this is the reason why it has sold close to 4700 units while the Ecosport lagged behind at some more than 3600 units. Looking at the market conditions, both Brazil and India are somewhat similar but not alike. There as well, the Duster has proved that low cost offering still pervade others.

Ford EcoSport Pictures

Available in a host of petrol and petrol-ethanol engines, both these SUVs offer the value proposition that the car buyers are looking for, say experts. Back in India, there is still doubt where Renault will be able to replicate the Brazilian success in India once Ecosport arrives. There are two factors that are on the side of Ford car and these are- first it is the brand value and appearance and secondly it is the price factor. Ford cars have settled themselves well and the Ecosport price is expected to be less than Duster.

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