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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Renault Duster price hiked, price now starts at Rs 9.02 lakh

Giving life to this saying that good things are pricier, Renault India has increased the price of its compact SUV Renault Duster. The new Duster price starts at Rs 9.02 lakh with a price appreciation of around Rs 28k. This is commensurate with the declaration that Renault has made to increase the price of its cars in India. Experts believe that looking at the craze for this SUV as well as the rising demand the prices have been increased marginally and it one is willing to spend over Rs 9 lakh for the Duster, Rs 28k extra does not matter a lot. This is the second hike and industry people believe that the high waiting period on Duster are somewhat pushing some customers to Mahindra Quanto and Tata Safari Storme that is also getting popular day by day.

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The diesel models of the Duster are the ones that are pricier now and there is a price appreciation from Rs 20 k to Rs 50 k. Still, it is believed that compared to the looks, features and level of refinement, the price is decent for Duster. However, Renault must go slow on price rise as the Ford Ecosport and Maruti XA Alpha are round the corner and it is highly probable that Ford will price its car somewhere around Rs 8 lakh. At this price, the Duster will then be easily defeated as Ecosport has more urbane, decent looks than it. Meanwhile, there is no buzz regarding the XA Alpha launch and it is exactly over one year ago that it was unveiled.

Industry experts also believe that the current price hike may not dampen the craze for this SUV but the rising waiting period could. Some dealers have no supply of the entry level 85 bhp model of Duster while the Duster RxL 110 bhp is also hardly available. Thus, what needs to be done at this point is to boost production and not the price.  
The increase in price model wise is as follows.

Model Old Price New Price Price Hike
RXE Rs. 873,645 Rs. 902,490 Rs. 28,845
RXL 85 Rs. 978,704 Rs. 1,007,549 Rs. 28,845
RXL (O) 85 Rs. 1,083,763 Rs. 1,133,621 Rs. 49,858
RXL 110 Rs. 1,083,763 Rs. 1,112,608 Rs. 28,845
RXZ 110 Rs. 1,188,835 Rs. 1,207,161 Rs. 18,326
RXZ (O) 110 Rs. 1,220,339 Rs. 1,259,692 Rs. 39,353

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Renault Duster Picture Renault Duster Picture Renault Duster Picture Renault Duster Picture Renault Duster Picture

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