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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Renault Duster SUV's Elia styling packs launched

The Renault Duster is soon becoming Chevrolet Spark. Just as the Spark is being modified, tuned and made into several avatars, so is Duster on the same track. Recently Spark (known as Chevrolet Beat in India) was showcased in the form of a military vehicle. But the Duster is a step ahead of it. It has been given embellishment by the German tuning specialist –Elia. This SUV sold as Dacia Duster in some markets has been made more than a car. As part of styling, the matte finish black finishes have been extensively used over a white colored Duster.  

Renault Duster Pictures

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Other styling changes include matte black finish chrome edged clad alloys, ORVM, bumpers and the wheel arches. All making it a piece of beauty though black and white in color. Chrome work could be seen on the front and rear bars in addition to the side step. This not only makes a really awesome combination of the matte black and chrome with the white body color but it also enhances the appeal of the car. Twin tail pipes and a new LED based light cluster are also new. The Elia styling of Duster does not end on the outside and continues on the inside as well with the eco leather.  

Renault Duster Pictures

See More Renault Duster Photos Get Renault Duster Price

In addition to it, the Elia styling also comes with the power boost. The 1.5 L dCi engine power has been enhanced from 110 hp to 122 hp with a matching torque upgradation. The power boost pack by Elia comes at an additional price of €589 while other styling changes are in the range of €110 to €169. Thus those who wish to add some taste to the Duster, the Elia pack is for them. For those who still feel the Duster to have some power deficiency can opt for the Elia steroid power boost.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Renault Duster is already most beautiful and muscular compact SUV. And now these new chances will make it killer...

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