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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Renault Duster: The best in town

Renault Duster was introduced in the country last year and since then it has been ruling the SUV segment with proud. As soon as Duster was launched, it clocked some heavy-duty booking figures. So far, since July 2012, the company has managed to sell about 19000 Duster models. This India-made Duster is also sold in United Kingdom and there is the same kind of condition with Duster. For UK car fanatics, Dacia Duster is the most affordable 4x4 SUV. Anyone, who is looking for a reliable, practical and an affordable SUV, Renault Duster is the one! Recently, it turned out that this one is amongst the least disparaging new cars, which means a long life is guaranteed!

Renault Duster Pictures

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Being so up-to-date and reliable, there is a five-month long waiting period for UK consumers. It is not at all surprising as the car received more than 1000 bookings way before the car was officially brought to UK. In England too, the SUV is offered in both diesel and petrol variants. The base petrol variant called Accent in UK, which doesn’t feature AC and music system is available for around 9000 GBP that is about Rs. 7.5 lakh. This base model has turned out to be a clear winner there.

On the contrary, the base petrol version of Renault Duster hasn’t done quite good in India as India has been a diesel-friendly country since past couple of years. Many critics in UK are claiming that it’s a stunt that Dacia Duster base petrol variant was launched with such a low price tag and it is only for grabbing the attention. Be it a stunt or reality,  the car is doing well at both places and the company people are obviously making big bucks with the huge sales order for Duster!

Renault Duster Picture Renault Duster Picture Renault Duster Picture Renault Duster Picture Renault Duster Picture

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