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Friday, February 03, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Renault Pulse bookings number reaches 746 in January

Renault Pulse has bagged 746 orders in the first month of its launch. The number is decent for this hatch when it is priced Rs 5.77 lakh. Recently, the French carmaker has launched it in Kolkata after an already nationwide launch at the Auto Expo in New Delhi last month. Renault Pulse is the third Renault car launched in India after it gave a pause to its ties with SUV maker Mahindra last year. Other notable performers last month were Renault Fluence sedan and the SUV Renault Duster that is coming in June is keeping the market abuzz.

Renault Pulse Pictures

See More Renault Pulse Photos Get Renault Pulse Price

Prior to the Renault Pulse launch in India, there were many speculations regarding which small car Renault is going to bring it in India. Several names cropped up such as Renault Modus, Renault Twingo, Renault Sandero besides others but silencing all, Renault launched the Pulse in India. The Pulse is part of India strategy and reports are also coming in that Renault is also working on a low cost car and will be launching an under 4 lakh car in India soon.  

Renault Pulse Pictures

See More Renault Pulse Photos Get Renault Pulse Price

Based on the Nissan Micra platform, Renault Pulse also draws great many features from its sibling hatch. The overall bubbly shape of Micra seems to inspire Pulse as well. Besides sharing the engine, Pulse shares a lot of components with Micra. At times Pulse seems to be reincarnated Micra in India. However, being in diesel, the Pulse has been put under Micra and that seems to be fetching numbers in sales as people going for Micra have an excellent option available at a lesser price.   

In India Renault has a straight strategy ahead. Five cars till October 2012 and increase in the number of outlets to 100 and all is then laid to achieve the target 1 lakh car unit sales in India. Though the target seems far than the current demand but cars like Renault Duster which are low priced could bring in some miracle for the car maker and help it achieve the target it has set for India.

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