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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Renault Twin’Z Concept revealed

Renault small car Twingo has been an immense success for the car maker in Europe and other countries since 1992 when it was launched. Now, the car maker has showcased the electric version of the same called Renault Twin’Z concept that will be the basis of Twingo three door car. This electric version is concept is a five door car. In India, the small car Twingo could only be a possibility and it is always rumored to enter India at some point of time. Though there is no certainty about the launch of this car in India, it is highly believed that the new car that will be based on the Twin’Z concept will be creating much abuzz in the car markets of Europe and other countries.

Renault Twingo Pictures

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Renault Twingo Pictures

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The five door hatchback is an all electric car and the car maker has revealed images of the same thus stepping up the anticipation for the small car. With rear wheel drive mechanism on the car, this EV is powered by a 50 kW motor that outputs over 68 hp of power and 167 lb-ft of torque. Being an electric car this concept though may not churn that much anticipation but it seems that being the future of the Renault Twingo small car, it will certainly step up the craze and people will be anxiously waiting for the new car to come.

Renault Twingo Pictures

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The concept is the brain work of British designer Ross Lovegrove and the car has been given some of the best of the touches that are going to make this superhit car in the times to come once the real car gets launched. Among the features that are there on the concept include a full revamp of the looks of the front, sides, and rear. Obvious changes include new bumpers, headlights and front grille. Sized under 4 meter in length the car weighs over 980 kg and has a range of 100 miles. The top speed of the car is 81 mph.

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