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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

By Kamal Swami

Renualt working on launch of new MPV and hatchback in Indian market

After successful launch of Duster in Indian auto market, French auto maker Renault is speculating launch a Multi Purpose Vehicle based on new platform for Indian market. According to official sources of Renault, company is speculating to strengthen its roots in Indian market by launching few more products. The new MPV will be designed on the same platform on which Evalia from Nissan is designed. Apart from this MPV it is also reported that company speculates to launch a car in hatchback segment which will carry the features that are adorned in Swift from Maruti Suzuki and i20 from Hyundai. However it will take atleast two years for Renault to launch this hatchback car based on common module family affordable platform in Indian market. This announcement from Renault reveals that now number of Renault’s representatives in Indian market will increase from five to seven. Commenting on the journey of Renault in Indian market, Mr. Sumit Sawhney, Executive Director for Marketing said that within the span of 18 to 20 months Renault India has launched five vehicles in Indian market and in coming two years company will focus production of these two new initiatives.
Renault Duster Image
Prior to this Mr. Sawhney said, Renault is one of the fastest emerging auto companies in Indian market which has achieved the number of selling 35,000 vehicles just within the two years of its inception. Mr. Sawhney also added that company wishes to double this number every year especially in current scenario when Indian car market going through a tough phase. However according to Mr. Sawhney still in tough period Renault has succeeded in enhancing the sales of its SUV in the month of August as compared to previous year during the same period.
Renault Duster Image
Showing his concern towards existing scenario of Indian car market Mr. Sawhney said that shares of auto industry in India’s total GDP counts to 8 to 9 percent and if government did not took any preventive measures to look after its existing situation Indian auto industry will go into anarchic situation. According to him regular hike in prices of fuel, high rate of interest are some factors which have influenced the purchasing power of buyers in market.

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