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Monday, November 14, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Rolls Royce Inaugurates A New Capacious Showroom in Capital City

The iconic and premium luxury carmaker Rolls Royce is settling in the country with high hopes as there is an awesome hike in demand for its heroic cars in the country. And to prosper in the market Rolls Royce is outstretching its wings with the inauguration of a brand new big showroom in the capital city New Delhi.

Moving on to a spacious showroom, which is located in Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate at Mathura Road, New Delhi, here royal vehicle crafter will be able to comfortably showcase five models of Rolls Royce cars. With a first-class lavish floor space spread across 702 sq meters, the freshly set up facility will also exhibit an exclusive customer lounge according to company’s very latest global standards. Moreover, the lounge shows the current range of leather and wood samples from Rolls Royce hometown – Goodwood, England.

The Regional Director for Asia Pacific of Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Mr. Paul Harris commented at the inauguration of new showroom and said that the newly established facility is a work of great achievement and the investment made in such a quality unit is a strong evidence of assurance for the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars plus commendable for the company. They are also focusing to offer more luxury cars after enjoying the recent success in the domestic market and added that the new facility is a perfect space to showcase Rolls Royce’s newest model Ghost Extended Wheelbase.

The best part was that the sizzling opening ceremony of new showroom was simultaneously marked by the unveiling of Rolls Royce new Ghost Extended Wheelbase. The superbly luxurious and lavishly comforting extended wheelbase variant of the Ghost comes with a whopping price tag of Rs. 3.04 crore. The alluring beauty is surely a dream of every car enthusiast and now the Rolls Royce is here to present the version in an all-new swanky showroom undraped to enamor all.

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