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Thursday, September 12, 2013

By John Andrew

S500 Plug-in Hybrid from Mercedes Benz introduced at Frankfurt Motor Show

The German auto giant Mercedes Benz unveiled its plug-in model of hybrid variant S500 during Frankfurt Motor Show. The new Mercedes Benz S500 has been designed under the flagship of S class models from company. According to sources of company the new plug-in Hybrid S500 car delivers an average of 100 kilomters in three litres of fuel and releases carbon dioxide emission of 69g/km.  The new Mercedes Benz S500 plug in hybrid has been energized with 3.0 litre V6 turbo charged engine that is empowered with an electronic motor of 80 KW. The engine churns the power of 329 bhp and torque of 480 Nm and reaches the top speed of 155 mph.
Mercedes Benz S-Class Image
Company sources claimed that hybrid model is empowered by lithium-ion battery which can be charged by regular electrical socket installed at home. It is reported that company has especially integrated this feature in this new hybrid version and it is speculated that company will enrich the same feature in its S300 and S400 hybrid variants in coming years. The newly unveiled Hybrid S500 model has been offered in four driving options including normal hybrid, electric power only, electric power save and charge mode.
Mercedes Benz - S Class Image
The additional features adorned in plug in Hybrid S500 include generation next regenerative braking system which automatically turns the engine off. Apart from being fuel efficient the regenerative breaking system also transits additional power from wheels to lithium ion batteries for charging. According to reports batteries adorned in S500 delivers more backup than earlier variants of hybrid models launched by company.

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