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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

By Manoj Kumawat

Self-driven cars: Blessed with magical powers

Rumors regarding launch of self driven cars has gained huge popularity during recent years and every month there is news regarding their test drives being conducted in different parts of world by different car makers. It is an unhidden truth that launch of self driven cars will mark the beginning of new era in world of auto industry which will not only define mobility in new way but will also be blessed with convenience and safety. Once launched in market self driven cars will emerge as indispensable part of our day to day activities. Although according to an estimate it will still take atleast five to ten years for such cars to become a part of our life.
According to industry experts once getting familiar with these cars people will introduce various more interesting changes in such cars which will dramatically change the whole shape of our lives. The expected changes that would be further introduced in these cars can be illustrated as below:
Front Low Side View of Self-Driven Car
1. Time Saving: As these cars will self controlled the passengers and driver will be free to do various activities like sleeping, eating their packed breakfast or refreshment while going to office, watch movies, texting etc. Moreover buyers can also send their cars for getting their various items from market which were ordered by them online.
2. Change in taxation policy by governments: Now days when fuel prices are going high at jet dynamic speed governments of various countries are concentrating on practice of loop travelling or vehicle sharing. With practice of self driven cars governments will have to apply congestion pricing on highway, restrict parking in densely populated areas, broaden the width of vehicle lanes and also encourage people to continue the practice of vehicle sharing rather than travelling alone in their self driven car.

Side View of Self Driven Car
3. Safe and economical driving: It is speculated that self driven cars will not only be safe to drive but will also be cost effective. The use of these cars will minimize the risk and number of accidents to great extent which means less investment on repairs. 
4. Tough competition to air transportation: It is assumed that as these cars will offer speed of more than 150 kmph people traveling to different cities located at distance of few hundred kilometres will prefer to travel through their personal car instead of traveling through airlines. This may compel airlines agencies to rethink about their travel charges and other logistics for staying in competition with these cars.
Self Driven Car Low Side View

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