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Thursday, September 27, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Self-driving cars will be a reality soon

If you see a car driving and then getting parked in the lot and you happen to see no one behind the wheels then do not get shocked. It is the man less, self driving car. After Nevada, the California government has legalized these automatic driven cars and has allowed them to ply for testing on city roads. Google that has come up with the most advanced version of self driving cars will be testing these cars on California roads. Notably, Google uses Toyota Prius Hybrid sedan and Lexus RX450h SUV to test the new technology that is expected the way people used to move.

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The new technology is in test phase and after the test phase is over these will be acclaimed road ready. The California government has made a law that will be ascertaining these automatic cars and this law will decide when the cars are ready to hit the roads. This is seen as a major development and California government has earned fame for it. The bill called autonomous vehicles bill was made law after the Calif Governor Jerry Brown signed it. Google co founder Sergey Brin was also present on the occasion and this is considered as a major step in the future of cars.

These self driving cars are equipped with the latest in technology sensors and radars which are attached to the car through an o board powerful computer that regulates the speed, movement and braking of the car. In addition to it, there is also an artificial intelligence software on board that lets the car move swiftly and comfortably. The Toyota Prius Hybrid has been selected intentionally as the car generates its own power and it will help it go farther than the normal fuelled cars. Initially there will be a driver behind the wheels and then after a series of successful tests there will be live tests and then only these unmanned vehicles will be allowed to ply on their own on the streets. Google co founder Brin believes that no one will need to get a driver’s license by 2040. The self driving cars are still a dream in the Indian auto industry but it seems that in India, these cars have to face many challenges than busy traffic alone.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Wahoo.. great news that latest technology will be come..

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