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Monday, April 28, 2014

By Kriti Gupta

Seven Seater SUV in plans of Volkswagen

German car maker Volkswagen is developing a new seven seater SUV which will be specifically developed for U.S. market.  This was revealed by Mr. Michael Horn, CEO, American Operations, Volkswagen Group. In the words of Mr. Horn the upcoming seven seater will be a trendsetter in segment of SUVs. According to him this SUV will be mainly developed for United States.
The same news also confirmed by company’s one more high official who said that the SUV will carry same emotions on which its other siblings are developed by company. This will be blessed with latest technical features and developed with high quality materials. Moving towards features offered in SUV nothing has been so far revealed by company, however it is expected that after launching it in U.S company will also offer it is other parts of world also. 
As far as Indian car market is concerned there high craze about SUVs and company’s existing Touareg has not succeeded in enjoying the success expected by it. Therefore it is speculated that this might be also launched in Indian car market, however it would be too early to say anything as it is at its primary stage and is anticipated to be launch in U.S. sometimes during 2016.

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