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Friday, February 10, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Sharda Motor opens R&D Centre at Mahindra City

Sharda Motor Industries Limited (SMIL), the leading tier-1 supplier to auto industries, today announced the opening of a Research & Development Centre at Mahindra World City, Chennai.  The R&D Centre besides providing local support from concept to implementation will also help reduce cost and enhance performance through value engineering and value analysis. SMIL has joined hands with Ricardo and Sango for technical assistance to the development programs.

SMIL has already invested Rs. 30 Crores in the facility and plans to further augment it to Rs. 75 Crores by 2014. Speaking on the inauguration of the new R&D Centre at Chennai, Mr. N.D Relan, Chairman, SMIL said “The R&D centre will provide customer support for exhaust product development, lead advanced emission control and noise reduction technologies. The centre will also be involved in modeling and simulation tools to design & optimize exhaust components and full system. We will also explore opportunities for joint development and partnership program”

He further added “Chennai was our natural choice for setting up the centre due to the availability of abundant engineering talent and also with the presence of OEM’s.” SMIL has spent considerable amount of time and resource in building this centre. It took nearly 5.5 years to conceive and 2.5 years to build the R&D centre. Sharda Motor has 13 manufacturing units which are already operational and two more are in the offing. Sharda Motor Industries spread its tentacles to seven states of India from Uttaranchal in the north to Tamil Nadu in the south through Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

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