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Thursday, June 21, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Skoda Citigo launch becomes memorable with Citihenge!

The Czech car maker Skoda seems to be in the process of creating its own place in UK soon with the launch of Skoda Citigo. And this has been evident with an exclusively different launch of the Volkswagen Up based Citigo small car. Skoda has made a metal sculpture ‘Citihenge’ on the lines of the Stonehenge that is an ancient sacred monument in UK. Notably, the Skoda Citigo hatchback launch in UK has been warmly welcomed by people as the small car is doing well compared to Hyundai i10 and other small cars.

Skoda Citigo Pictures

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The Citihenge built with scrap metal is similar to the Stonehenge in southern England. At least eighteen scrap cars have been used in making the sculpture which is five meters high and each of the henge measures five meters in width. As high as 30 ton of scrap was used in making this Citigo version of the Stonehenge. Built in over three month’s time, the sculptor Tommy Gun erected it on the Potters Fields in London. The sculpture is totally safe and the structure can withstand the most severe hurricanes. It is totally recyclable and it was erected on the Potters Fields in half a day. As per the available, the sculpture will be on the go and it will be moved and erected at several places across UK. The Citihenge remained at Potters Fields till yesterday and its journey across UK will end at the last show up at Goodwood Festival of Speed on June 28.

Skoda Citigo Pictures

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Meanwhile, back in India, the anticipation for the Skoda Citigo small car has gone up with the UK launch and the premium hatchback segment eagerly awaits the car. Whereas VW and Skoda are yet to decide on their Up and Citigo for India, other car makers are pitching in their small cars. The Fiat Punto Sport is already in and other cars such as Maruti Swift Sport and Mahindra Verito based hatchback are in the offing.

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