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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

By Anil Jangid

Skoda Fabia Cool Young Spirit limited edition car launched

The summers are yet to come but Skoda seems to have prepared the ground for it already. The Czech car maker has launched the special edition of its hatchback Skoda Fabia. The new limited edition model known as Skoda Fabia Cool Young Spirit comes at an attractive price. The new variant is a limited edition model as per the information only 1K units will be produced. So those who wish to have this limited edition Fabia must get ready as the features that Skoda has put in are offered at an incredibly low price. As per an estimate other cars with such features are costlier by as much as €2,250. But Indians will have to wait for it as the launch has happened in Germany and there is no information whether the variant will come to India or not. The new Fabia limited edition model price is €15,429.

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The new Fabia has a host of new features and updates than the regular model. These include an all new sporty suspension that has been re-tuned to take on the fresh lease of power that Skoda has put in the car. The cars suspension has also been lowered in order to enable the car to sustain the fresh challenges due to the high speed it has got. On the outside, new alloys and all new tinted rear windows and windshield.  

Other features that make the car a great buy in the segment includes AC, power steering, power windows and central locking all as standard besides the up market daytime running lights. For those who find the power under the hood a little less has an additional dose of adrenaline with the Swing Audio System. The 86 PS power engine under the hood of the new Fabia Limited Edition car is no less on mileage as it offers 19.23 kmpl.

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