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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Skoda launches more powerful Yeti

Skoda has added a new model to the Skoda Yeti SUV line up in Australia. It is the Skoda Yeti 112 TSI. This is perhaps the more powerful of the two already available - Yeti 77 TSI and four-wheel-drive Yeti 103 TDI. This model is powered by 1.8 L turbocharged petrol engine with a power output capacity of 112 kW and a peak torque output capacity of 250 Nm. The new Yeti model produces this at just 1500-4200 rpm which is as per car experts quite impressive for SUV of this size. Back home in India, the Czech car maker is in the process of bringing new SUVs placing one below Yeti and one above it in the price band.  

Skoda Yeti Pictures

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With 112 kW, the new Yeti model has also improvement on performance front. Its acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph is now 8.4 seconds. The top speed has also improved to 200 kmph compared to the Yeti 77 TSI engine. The new Yeti launched in Australia will be available in six speed manual as standard. However, for those who hate the clutch pedal can have the six speed DSG gearbox as option. The all wheel drive system in the Yeti 103 TDI model is also used in the new 112 TSI Yeti. This is the latest generation drive system and transfers power to wheels in such a manner to avoid skidding even on slippery road conditions.  


Skoda Yeti Pictures

See More Skoda Yeti Photos Get Skoda Yeti Price

However, preliminary reports suggest that the new Yeti model will not be as frugal as is the 103 TDI. The new Yeti 112 TSI will be able to return around 11.9 kmpl with the manual gearbox and 12.1 kmpl with the DSG gearbox on. Besides, the new Yeti model also gets an array of new features such as colored roof, panoramic sunroof, park assist besides other features.

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