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Thursday, October 06, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Skoda Lauretta expected to be priced at INR 7.5 Lakhs onwards

The Skoda Lauretta is expected to be retailed at a price of nearly INR 7.5 Lakhs for its petrol variant and one need to fetch out INR 1 Lakh or more if the person opts for the diesel variant, which sums up between INR 8.5 Lakhs - 9.0 Lakhs. Just imagine at this price tag one will be taking home a Czech brand. The car manufacturers in India have by now realized that gone are the times when a consumer was struck for ages with an extremely fuel efficient, low cost and ugly designed car.

Now, he wants a power packed performer, with a decent fuel economy (wouldn’t have demanded but thanks to the soaring fuel prices day by day), flawless exteriors with comfortable interiors along with the front grille that grips the big insignia of the brand name.

Skoda Lauretta Pictures

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Skoda Lauretta which can also be termed as the entry level sedan in Skoda stable as it is expected to be the least priced car from the Czech Republic manufacturer. The compact sedan will be competing directly with sedans of C segment sedans such as Honda City, Hyundai Verna and Ford Fiesta. Coming to the cost of sedans, Honda City which ranges from INR 7.5 Lakhs to INR 9.9 Lakhs and is only available with petrol variant, Hyundai Verna is offered with initial INR 7.1 Lakhs to INR 10.90 Lakhs and comes in both petrol and diesel variants, Ford Fiesta begins with INR 8.23 Lakhs to INR 10.45 Lakhs offered in both petrol and diesel versions.

The best thing about Skoda Lauretta is that it will more compact, more spacious than any other sedan in its category. In the past years Skoda slowly and steadily gripped the Indian auto market; went through a lot of research work in the sector, hence Skoda Lauretta is born. Before the launch of Lauretta the company had its stage set with all positive vibes such as increased sale last month and expected to be the cheapest base level sedan in premium den of Skoda.

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Friday, October 07, 2011

Hope it will be launched in a mid budget..!


Friday, October 07, 2011

VW Vento will be far better than Skoda Luretta comparing the price tag, luxory, spec,and milage wise


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Skoda Lauretta is a good luxury base car. is a stylish and compertable car with more good features.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Unfortunately its not launching in India....Lauretta has replaced by Rapid.

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