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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Skoda Rapid sales offer – 100 percent finance available, offer lasts until April 18

In order make rapid-fire sales, the car Czech car maker Skoda has come out with a new scheme for Skoda Rapid. Now, the Rapid sedan is available on 100 percent finance option. Call it market forces or call it the urgency to pose some exciting numbers on the sales chart but Skoda has set enough ground for sizzling sales this April. Valid till April 18, the 100 percent finance option for Rapid sedan is a never before offer and experts believe that it seems to be a once in a lifetime offer. It seems that the car maker is somewhat in a hurry to make this Indian version of Rapid a hit in the market. Notably, since its launch, the Rapid has been a slow performer on the sales chart and thus the car giant has been continuously trying to put one or the other offer to attain high sales.

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Skoda Rapid Pictures

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Currently, the market is so slow that even the best of the cars have faced some slowdown in sales and thus if a car is already a slow performer it is among the worst hit ones. Recently, the Rapid was available at an attractive EMI of Rs 9999 and soon after there came another offer and Skoda was selling it at an EMI of Rs 8999. Later on there was another offer and the car maker was selling it with an offer of an entire year of EMI holiday. As per the latest offer, the buyer need not give any EMI for the first year and the EMIs will start after one year. Thus those who have purchased it in that offer will be paying the first installment on Rapid in 2014.

Skoda Rapid Pictures

Though 100 percent finance offer is not new to cars in India but Skoda has for the first time introduced it on Rapid. The offer is available on all dealerships across the country. Thus it is like going to the showroom, shelve out some Rs 50k or so as registration, road tax and insurance charges and take away the sedan home. It is like effectively paying not a penny as down payment on Rapid.

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