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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Skoda to compensate for selling defective Superb sedan

If you are the one who has Skoda Superb on mind this new year, read this. Recently, the company has been asked to pay Rs 20.17 lakh to a customer as compensation as the company has sold a defective car. Soon after the complainant bought the car in 2005, it started making rounds of the authorized service centre and the customer paid as high as Rs 1.65 lakh for repairs since then. As per the sources information, the repairs were majorly of the manufacturing defects and the Delhi Court after a keen observation of all the documents and statements ordered the car maker to compensate the customer.  



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Notably, in India, the reason why people prefer Indian made cars is because their repair is not so costly and now almost all the Indian car makers are offering cars that require less repair. Where Hindustan Ambassador and Premier Padmini were thought to be garage friendly cars, there are cars in India that come with over 5 years warranty. Also cars come with offers such as the Ford Fiesta that has a maintenance free period of the transmission that has been made so strong and sturdy that it goes on and on. Still, there are cars that are considered to be more maintenance intensive and these include Tata Safari. As per the general opinion and opinion of few experts, the Safari’s maintenance cost is high. This is the reason why Tata has brought in the Safari Storme that is considered to be less maintenance intensive.  
The recent case wherein Skoda will be compensating the customer is though a little different from what happened some time back with one Audi Q7 owner who entrusted his car at the dealer for servicing but found that his car was used during the night by the service personnel. Sensing this, Audi too responded quickly and the issue was resolve. Thus as the saying goes caveat emptor which means buyer must be beware before purchasing and should move court if he is cheated. 

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Every luxury car buyer purchases in keeping mind this things that his car will not provide problem but after reading this news i have got that luxury cars can also offer problem to owner......

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