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Monday, July 18, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Superior Mileage Covered by Nissan Cars via shedding 15% Weight

Most definitely, appearance and luxury are the most important attributes for which a customer is searching but what a blessing in disguise it would be for him if he owns a car which is consuming a smaller amount of energy and covering that extra mileage.

Quite lot of machinery mechanism and novelty is being proposed to the customers in a car by the manufacturer but certainly if the weight of a car is lessened, then it will be more fuel efficient.

A lot of activity has been going on in the car manufacturing companies’ to bring forth fresh equipment and machinery to drop down the cars’ weight with no concession on the security and protectiveness of the car. Currently Nissan has declared a reduction in weight of its cars by 15% approximately.

The fresh Nissan Versa Sedan, shortly to be launched in the International market is going to be 150 pounds less in weight than the replica it is going to substitute. This is a commercial landmark for the company and they would be making certain in the future to do so with all of their forthcoming vehicles.

The company is proclaiming that their engineers are in the process of bringing about fresh technicalities for the weight reduction keeping in mind the set of rules and policies laid down by the Government for the security put up by the vehicle. No doubt that current improvements like 8 speed gearboxes, turbo charging and direct injection have enhanced the fuel efficiency of the cars but there are many restrictions and this is where the diminution of mass approaches.

The weight can be lessened with the joint use of selected resources like aluminium, magnesium, advanced plastics and high powered alloys but these are exorbitantly priced so cannot be executed properly.

In view of the fact that there hardly is any substitute for these resources, Nissan has implemented the arrangement to decrease the quantity of components in a car. 20% less components are implemented in the forthcoming Nissan Versa. In the futuristic cars too, the company is arranging to equip them with a little light and less dominant engine. In Versa too, the company has substituted the previous 1.8 litre in-line 4 cylinder engine with lighter 1.6 litre engine.

The company is moving the accurate path in dipping down the mass of its vehicles. This could prove to be fruitful for them as their clients will also be impressed. There would be a reduction in the consumption of the fuel. A slight decrease in the power could be seen too, but this can be overlooked. This would be environment friendly too.

All in all the company is doing the right thing by trimming down the weight of their products as it is going to have a good impact over the customers also. The fuel efficiency will be increased with marginal reduction in power that could be neglected and it will eventually help save the exhausting fossil fuels.

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