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Thursday, September 08, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Suzuki Chairman meets Narendra Modi, likely to finalize Maruti plant in Gujarat

At a time when a number of car makers eager to establish their manufacturing plants in the state of Gujarat, the Chairman of Japan’s leading car maker Suzuki will be meeting Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday. Mr. Osamo Suzuki is believed to be finalizing the establishment of the new manufacturing unit of its Indian subsidiary Maruti Suzuki in the state.

The media sources have confirmed that Suzuki’s president will be meeting Modi in Gandhinagar, following the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Indian auto giant Maruti Suzuki in National Capital. Mr. RC Bhargava (MSI Chairman), Shinzo Nakanishi (Managing Director) and M M Singh (Production Head) will be accompanying Mr. Suzuki in this high profile meeting.

Though the company is yet to make a final statement regarding the set-up of its new plant in the state of Gujarat, the industry sources are claiming that the company has finalized the state for its next plant. Maruti has already stated about three months back that it could invest heavily (Rs 18,000 crore) in the state along with its vendors. The firm looks forward to produce 20 lakh units per annum from the prospective unit in this state, in the long run. Maruti Suzuki is seeking about 1000 acres of land in the state of Gujarat to establish its upcoming production facility.

At present, the company has its two manufacturing facilities in Gurgaon and Manesar, from where it produces about 12 lakh units per annum (8.5 lakh from Gurgaon and 3.5 lakh from Manesar). Meanwhile, MSI has started partial production at the recently established second manufacturing plant at Manesar. The firm aims to take its total production capacity to 17.5 lakh units per annum by the next financial year.

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