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Thursday, November 17, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Suzuki Swift Electric Hybrid concept to unveil at upcoming Tokyo Motor Show

The Japan based multinational Suzuki Motor Corporation has made some aspects and pictures public, for the new variant of ‘Swift’ that is now dressed in an all new unique concept outfit that’s of an Electric Vehicle Hybrid. The concept car will be powered by an extra battery which assists the vehicle to lengthen its total range. Earlier the US based carmaker General Motors brand Chevrolet has presented a same kind of vehicle called ‘Volt’.

As per the concept when the car starts-up it is initially powered by electric motor and a small range extended petrol engine provides the back up. When on battery the concept car can travel up to 30 km. Apart from this Suzuki Motors hasn’t disclosed and details on specifications. The 2011 Swift EV Hybrid concept hatchback will be displayed at Tokyo Motor Show.

Maruti Swift Pictures

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In 2009, the company had showcased its Swift Plug-in hybrid car model at the Tokyo Motor Show. It is also expected that it will feature some aspects of the 2009 plug-in Swift concept car. The concept car featured a mini 658cc engine that generates 54 bhp with petrol engine while around 74 bhp with lithium-ion powered electric batteries.

The exterior appearance of this concept EV Swift is identical to the hatchback presently running on Indian roads. Some changes in the front, like it will now boast LED headlamps and rear tail-lamps furthermore wrapped grille and wheels. The interior is extraordinary with its modern features along with twin-digital displays.

As per the company the car is only a concept as of now. But the country’s media says that the concept could see a 2013 launch for sales by Suzuki Motor Corporation.

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