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Saturday, March 03, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Tata air powered MiniCat ready to be launched this August

Have you ever wondered what fuel the early age Pawan Hans and other magical chariots flying in the air used to have in their tank? It certainly was nothing but air. Now in 2012, this same principle can have an incarnation. The Creator this time will be Tata Motors which is developing a car that will run on nothing but compressed air. The Tata MiniCat as it is called is in the final stages of development and if reports doing rounds are to be believed, the next generation Tata car will be launched in August. The Tata car that runs on air will be the first viably produced car that will be the least polluting car in the world as it will be using nothing else than compressed air.

The British brands Jaguar and Land Rover which are now owned by Tata Motors have claimed that this futuristic car developed jointly with Tata will be the world’s zero polluting car as it will be using compressed air as fuel and will not be using anything else and thus there is no point of pollution. As per sources, Tata MiniCAT is a product of the relentless hardwork of Guy Negre of French car company - Motor Development International. Besides this, the new Tata car will be needing power similar to that by an electric vehicle.

As per the information by Tata India, the fireless automotive MiniCAT uses the compressed air to power the engine and move the pistons which in turn moves the wheels. So when air is powering the car, there is no sound or exhaust produced by the engine and thus the new Tata air car is totally silent and pollution free. Experts believe that the concept of using compressed air to power car is not new but till date none of the car makers across world has come out with a feasible option and every prototype launched ever were inefficient in one way or the other. This Tata car seems to break the jinx and bring in a new option to the world of cars both in India and across the world.

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