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Monday, March 05, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Tata Indica Vista in Safe House

You must have seen Tata Indica Vista delivers 22.3 kmpl mileage, you must have felt it as a sedan, but you must have missed it in the Hollywood action thriller ‘Safe House”. If it were a BMW Mini like foreign car in a Bollywood movie, it would have been no news, but an Indian car appearing in a foreign film is significant. The recently released film also has a glimpse of Indica Vista hatch in some scenes. The movie released on February 10 stars Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Filmed to be in Cape Town, South Africa, the film directed by Daniel Espinosa has scenes in which Tata Indica appears, though not prominent enough but it is there. The Rs 3.9 lakh 5-door hatchback was launched in 2008 and it soon became the heartthrob hatchback of India.  

Tata Indica Vista Pictures

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Spotting of the Vista hatch in a Hollywood flick significantly denotes something. Its growing popularity and presence parts of the world besides India. Tata Motors is exporting the hatchback to other countries since its launch and as per reports, the hatch has received good response overseas as well. With this, Tata Indica Vista has become the first car to appear in a scene of any Hollywood movie. Besides, it indicates that Vista has a considerable presence in Europe and South Africa.  

Tata Indica Vista Pictures

See More Tata Indica Vista Photos Get Tata Indica Vista Price

In India, Vista was launched in 2008 and it shares not a single piece from its sibling and senior Tata Indica. It is also not a facelift and Tata has developed on an entirely new platform. Measuring 3.7m in length which is longer than the Indica, the Vista is available in 1.3L Quadrajet CRDi diesel engine and a 1.2L Safire MPFi petrol engine. The export models for Europe and Africa have different engine tuning and pollution norms besides safety features compared to the Vista models sold in India.

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