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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Tata launches three cars in Bangladesh

Tata Motors finally stepped foot into the Bangladesh car market with two sedans and one hatchback. India’s most fuel efficient compact sedan, Tata Indigo eCS entered the Bangladesh car bazaar along with Tata Manza and Tata Indica Vista hatchback. Both Manza and Vista are made on Tata’s new platform and are being appreciated in India.  If you live in Bangladesh and wish to buy a Tata sedan or hatchback, these cars will be available in Dhaka in a single showroom. By the beginning of 2013, three other cities will also be selling these cars with a showroom in each city. However, these cars might have to face a bit of competition, but Tata Motors is an established name and this should create a problem for the company.

Tata Indigo eCS Photo

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On such auspicious occasion, the MD of Tata Motors, Mr. Karl Slym said that the company is honored and happy to step foot into the Bangladesh passenger car market. The commercial vehicles of Tata Motors have been in the country since 1972 and with the introduction of Tata’s Passenger car there, the company has honored the 40 years of long association with the country. It has offered them with cars that the consumers over there wish for and demand for.

Tata Manza picture

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What would be interesting to see is the reaction of the consumers in Bangladesh. The consumers in Bangladesh have been quite open about the judgment for cars and Tata Motors’ prompt and easy to reach facility would make them appreciate the brand even more. The chairman of Tata Motor’s official distributor in Bangladesh, Mr. Abdul Matlub Ahmad mentioned that the alliance with Tata is more than two decades old with its commercial vehicles. With the introduction of Tata passenger cars, the market presence of the company will definitely grow stronger and with reasonable prices of the cars, consumers might drift towards it with rapid pace.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It is strategic point of Tata that it has offered the best-selling Tata car models to Bangladeshi customers. It is sure that just like India its Tata Indigo, Tata Manza and Tata Indica Vista cars will receive great response in that market.

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