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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Tata Manza faulty bush to be replaced free of cost, It’s not a recall: Tata

Tata Motors is replacing a plastic bush fitted in the suspension of its big sized sedan Tata Manza free of cost. Though the car maker has said that it is not a formal recall and it will be replacing the part as and when the Tata Manza’s come to the service centres for regular service. As per a report, Tata has found that a plastic bush in the anti-roll bar of the suspension unit is faulty. Though it has no immediate danger, Tata thought it is wise to replace it to ensure customer safety. As per the car maker there are no such reports of a mishap or danger reported by the customer due to the faulty part.  

Tata Manza Pictures

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Notably, in December 2011, Tata had recalled 1.45 lakh units of Tata Nano for replacing the troubling started motor. After this one, the present Tata Manza undeclared recall is seen as the biggest part replacement by Tata. Significantly, the replacement will be done on all the Tata Manzas sold till now by Tata and thus it is seen as a big replacement. However, by not calling it a recall Tata avoids to set in panic among Tata Manza owners. Also calling it a recall will flood Tata services centres with customers bringing in Tata Manzas for the replacement.  


Tata Manza Pictures

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Besides, experts believe that by not calling it a recall, Tata does not want to show that there was a faulty part in Manza from inception and Tata did not know about it until now. Also, Tata seems to be avoiding any such move by calling it a recall and in no way wants to accept that its product had a faulty part. Where this attitude is quite opposite to foreign car makers who straightaway call it a recall and ask the customers to bring their cars to the service centres for the replacement of the part.

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