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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Tata MegaPixel launch tomorrow at Geneva Auto Show

Geneva Auto Show will be a battle ground for most of the leading car manufacturers this year. Accelerating towards the International automobile arcade, Tata Motors has been comprehensively working day and night to make them popular in foreign fields. Bringing their new small car for the public display in Geneva Auto Show this year is an execution of their plan towards their goal. Tata Motors has geared up to showcase Tata MegaPixel concept small car in the big event tomorrow.

This time Tata MegaPixel has been a matter of admiration at Geneva Auto Expo as last year also Tata Motors tempted the viewers with their previous version of Tata Pixel that featured scissor doors which was also brought for display in Indian Auto Expo that took place in New Delhi at the beginning of this year. Tata MegaPixel price is not disclosed but it is expected to be tagged to make it available in an easy reach for the international customers.

Tata Pixel Pictures

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This car is subjected to be equipped with 950 cc, three-cylinder petrol engine. MegaPixel will be configured to adapt with diesel as well as electrically fueled engine. While framing the blueprint of Tata MegaPixel, the main prominence is highlighted for the outer appearance of this small car as well as bringing an example of outstanding engineering in hatchback segment. The exterior is augmented to give it a catchy look as well as make the interior more spacious. The design of this car has got a sound publicity and is cherished by the people whole-hearted. This small car is designed by the European experts from the Tata bench.

MegaPixel as a car, is inspired by the popular Tata Nano that is still hugely anticipated in India. As per some car critics, it has been predicted that MegaPixel will be available for sale in Europe not nearer than 2015.

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