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Friday, July 08, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Tata Motors' new manufacturing plant in Africa to start production soon

On thursday Tata Motors announced that in coming few weeks the operations at the assembly plant situated in South Africa for the production of commercial vehicles will begin. A spokesperson from Tata Motors said that the company has set up a commercial vehicle assembly plant in South Africa and plant will start its normal functioning within a few days from now.

However, details about the investment put in by the company on the plant and also on the number of the vehicles that the plant will produce are not disclosed. P M Telang, Managing Director of Tata Motors, earlier this January had revealed company's plans of small and mid sized truck assembling in South African plant.

Tata Motors currently exports commercial and passenger vehicles to the southernmost African country. Tata Motors also facilitates assembly plants in Bangladesh and Thailand. Tata Motors unit in Africa, Tata Africa had earlier bought a truck assembling plant from the Japanese car makers Nissan in South Africa plus it also owns a bus body building facility in South Africa. Tata Motors is also in process of setting up subsidiaries in some of the major auto markets like in Latin America. Tata Motors exported 5094 vehicle units in June 2011 as compared to 4222 vehicle units that were sold last year, an increase of 20.65 per cent.

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