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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Tata Motors offers lucrative discounts on its cars in December 2011

In a bid to achieve strong sales figures in the current calendar year, the country’s largest vehicle maker Tata Motors is offering a number of discount schemes at its portfolio cars in the month of December 2011. The company is leaving no stone un-turned in making sure that its showrooms across the country pull a large number of buyers during the last month of the year. The lucrative discounts during the December month have been offered as per the – Ultimate December Scheme - by the company.

The Tata Portfolio models in India that come under these discount offers include small car Tata Nano, entry level sedan Tata Indigo CS, sedan Tata Indigo Manza, hatchback Tata Indica Vista, Multi utility vehicle Tata Aria and the sports utility vehicles like Tata Sumo Grande Dicor and Tata Safari Dicor, and Multi Purpose Vehicle Tata Venture. The Tata Motors portfolio cars and their respective discount ranges are enlisted below –

Tata Nano Discount Offers


The discount offered on Tata model is varies for variant to variant. The discount on Tata Nano Standard (older version) is approximately Rs. 25,000. Moreover, the company is offering discounts of worth Rs 30,000 on both CX and LX variants of Tata Nano 2011. On the other hand, the Tata Nano 2012 model is also available with considerable discounts. The 2012 Tata Nano Standard is available with a discount of Rs 12,000 along with an exchange offer of Rs 5,000. On the other hand, the Tata Nano 2012 CX and LX variants carry a discount of Rs 15,000 with exchange bonus of Rs 5,000.

Tata Nano Pictures

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Tata Indigo Manza Discount Offers


The company is offering a discount of up to Rs 20,000 on the premium sedan Tata Manza along with an exchange scheme of Rs 40,000. The Minimum limit of down payment that you have to pay to buy this car is only Rs 50,000.

Tata Manza Pictures

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Tata Indica Vista Discount Offers


The discount offered on Tata Indica Vista hatchback is up to Rs 10,000 along with an exchange offer of Rs 40,000. Moreover, to buy this model, you have to give a dent of Rs 30,000 to your savings as minimum down payment.

Tata Indica Vista Pictures

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Tata Indigo eCS Discount Offers


The company is offering a discount of Rs 10,000 with Tata Indigo eCS model with an exchange bonus of Rs 40,000. The company offers the car with a minimum down payment of Rs 35,000.

Tata Indigo eCS Pictures

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Tata Aria Discount Offers


Tata Aria Multi Utility Vehicle, which was launched in the country about a year ago, carries the highest discount offer of Rs 1.75 Lakh. While the minimum down payment for the Tata Aria is Rs. 1.99 Lakh, the exchange bonus on the car is Rs 40,000.

Tata Aria Pictures

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Tata Sumo Grande Dicor Discount Offers


The popular Sports utility vehicle Tata Grande Dicor is available with a discount offer of Rs 34,000. While the Exchange offer on the car is Rs 40,000, the lowest down payment is Rs 85,000.

Tata Sumo Grande Pictures

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Tata Safari Dicor Discount Offers


Tata Motors is offering a whopping discount of Rs 34,000 on Tata Safari Dicor model, along with an exchange offer of Rs 40,000.

Tata Safari Pictures

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However, these discounts are subject to the particular dealerships and may vary for one dealer to other.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

What is the minimum downpayment of tata sumo gold of all model.


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tata indigo low down payment

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