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Monday, December 03, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Tata Motors sales fall down in November 2012

November 2012 wasn’t a great month for Tata Motors. The company saw 13.43% fall in its sales that included the exports of 66,500 units in November 2012. This figure was 76,823 units in November 2011. The total domestic sales of passenger as well as the commercial vehicles tumbled down from 72,474 units to 62,354 units last month. The total sales that include the exports as well moved up a bit. This means, it came to 548168 units from 544,492 units. The commercial vehicle sales in the Indian car bazaar for Tata Motors were 44323 units in Nov 2012. On the other hand, the light commercial vehicles sales were around 34,828 units. The heavy and medium commercial vehicle sales were not up to the mark as they tumbled down from 16064 units to 9,495 units.

Tata Safari Storme Photo

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Overall, it was not a very good month for Tata Motors. The total sales were not impressive and we guess it wasn’t totally company’s fault. The high interest rates along with sky rocketing fuel prices has made the firm to increase the vehicle price, which made the sales drop substantially. Tata’s passenger vehicle sales had gone down majorly in November 2012. The passenger vehicle sale for Tata last month was 18031 units, while 27735 units were sold in the same month in 2011. As per the company, new Tata cars, Tata Safari Storme and Tata Manza Club Class, did well in the last month; however, Tata Nano under performed.

Tata Manza picture

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Talking about the exports, Tata Motors exported around 4146 units in last month, which were 4349 units in the month of November 2011. The total exports on the whole were 35521 units as compared to 39598 units in November 2011.By and large, we can see that Tata Motors have fallen a bit in terms of sales in November 2012. But, with new line up and current models in its portfolio, we hope the company will cope up very soon for it.

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Manoj Sharma

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Tata Cars having solid design and engine Technology.

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