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Thursday, March 07, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Tata Motors showcases Aria and Tata Indica Vista Concept S Hatch at Geneva Show

What happens when a car maker launches an ambitious model and it fails to generate buzz in the automobile industry and more than that, it fails to impress customers? Apparently, in such case, a car maker strives to re-launch the same model by making some variations and tries to put its best foot forward for impressing customers. Recently, the same exemplar was noticeable in Geneva Motor Show 2013, where Tata Motors unveiled Tata Aria MPV, Tata Indica Vista Concept hatchback and Tata Safari Storme Mountain Rescue Concept. These models didn’t live up to the expectations of customers earlier and thus, failed to generate positive reviews. Interestingly, the Concept S did make its first appearance in Delhi Auto Expo 2010 and re-introducing the same model during Geneva Motor Show did put a question mark over company’s strategies. This action is certainly a perplexing one.

Tata Aria Pictures

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However, Tata Aria MPV is not an unknown brand in Indian market but unfortunately; it has failed in creating the expected demand. This 7 seater model, powered by diesel engine was launched during the time when petrol prices were touching sky. Automobile makers developed strategies to make the most of this situation and Tata Motors also came up with a decent diesel engine model. However, this strategy fell flat and caused disappointed to the company. Nevertheless, it appears that the Tata Motors doesn’t believe in giving up easily. During the recent Geneva Motor Show, Aria was being sported featuring new tail lamps and headlamps along with an automatic gearbox.

Tata Indica Vista Pictures

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The third car on display, the Tata Safari Storme Mountain Rescue Concept is considered as a heavy duty SUV. It is no exaggeration to say that this model is an ideal combination of luxury appearance and performance especially, for European snowy climate. Off road tyres featuring metal chains are most likely to find their ways in this model. Well. Let’s see whether this time these models become successful in creating a buzz or no.

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