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Thursday, May 16, 2013

By Anil Jangid

Tata Nano Diesel and CNG model to give thrust to Tata car sales

Tata Nano sales seem to indicate the overall health of the car sales of its brand. As per reports, the Tata car sales slid by up to 7 percent globally. In fact, the worst sufferer is Nano. If the numbers are to be believed, Tata’s global sales were down to over 81 k units only in April. Interestingly, Tata owned Jaguar Land Rover has improved in terms of sales and its sales touched nearly 29k units in April. Commercial vehicle sales also saw an uptrend. Meanwhile in India, April remained a meek month for the car maker with Nano being the worst sufferer with only 948 unit sales.

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The slid in sales is attributed to the current slump in the market as every other car maker is suffering more or less. The top car makers Maruti, Hyundai in India are also not doing well and so are Mahindra, Toyota or other car maker. High interest rates, high inflation and a lot of other economic slowdown indicators have all conjured to impact car sales in the country. Meanwhile, there are a lot of indicators that have indicated that the car sales is not going to improve in the recent months. However, despite the grim situation, some cars such as Tata Safari Storme and Tata Indica D90 have recently picked up pace.

According to market analysts, the reason why Tata car sales in India is not picking up is because of the lack of any new offering. Recently, the Storme was there and the Indica D90 was there but these are the remakes or improved avatars of the already present offering. What Tata needs at this point of time is a volume puller and Nano Diesel and Nano CNG could change the fate. Analysts believe that once these two variants are there, Tata car sales will see an uptrend.

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