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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Tata Nano sales down, Tata Indica up

One of the largest automobile manufacturer in the country; Tata Motors, has registered a drop in the sales of its vehicles last month in comparison to the same month last year i.e. April 2011. This fall also includes the overseas selling of vehicles of Tata brand.

The auto giant made an overall sales of 60,086 vehicles in the recently concluded month of April’ 2012, which is lower by 7 percent compared to April 2011. Tata Motors made sales of 57,305 vehicles in the country (domestic) in April 2012, while it had sold 60,125 vehicles in the said month last year, which is a downfall of 5 percent. These sales numbers are of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles segment in India.


Tata Nano Pictures

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The total sales and distribution of passenger vehicles observed a low of 7 percent in the domestic sector. There were sales of 23,658 units, out of which 22,658 were Tata and 1,000 were of Fiat, in the first month of new fiscal i.e. April 2012, while last year in the same period it was 25,436 units, the bifurcation includes 23,387 units of Tata and 2,049 of Fiat.

In the passenger vehicle segment Tata Motors made sales of 22,658 units in April 2012, which ended up as a dip of 3 percent against the sales of 23,387 units last year in the same month.

Tata Indica Vista Pictures

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At this point there will be disappointment among Tata Nano fans as it recorded a plunge of 20 percent this April with sales of only 8,028 Nanos. Whereas the sales figures measured in April 2011 read 10,012 Nanos. Apart from disappointing sales of small car, the range of hatchback Tata Indica that comprise of modern Tata Vista scaled a high of 63 percent with 6,913 Indicas sold last month besides 4,250 Indicas in the same month in 2011. The sedan segment that includes Tata Indigo and Tata Manza went on to gather 3,669 nos. but ended up with 31 percent downfall this April compared to sales figure of 5,282 nos. last year in April.

Tata Indigo eCS Photo

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Moreover, the utility segment of Tata Motors that rides on Tata Sumo Gold, Tata Safari, Tata Aria and Tata Venture saw a high of 5 percent with sales of 4,048 vehicles last month in contrast to 3,843 vehicles in April last year.

In the commercial vehicle segment it registered a down of 6 percent this April compared to same month in 2011. The Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) posted a growth of 9 percent along with Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles recording a plunge of 29 percent in the recently concluded month as compared to April month last year.

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The sales of Tata Motors British subsidiary Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) was seen on constant growth in the country, while registered a sink of 35 percent in the export sales compared to April month in 2011.

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