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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Tata Sumo Gold launches in Jaipur at Rs 5.39 lakh

The old name redefined with new possibilities! The most anticipated domestic SUV from the banner of Tata Motors, Tata Sumo Gold is there in reach for the bay watchers now. Available in four variants, Sumo Gold price has been launched in Jaipur at Rs 5.39 lakh that goes up to Rs 6.28 lakh for the top variant. Good news that accompanies is the warrantee for 3 years or one lakh kilometers is a treat for the customers that will spell bound them towards it.

The classified variants of Tata Sumo Gold SUV are another phase of attraction. It has been categorized with GX, EX, LX and CX models. The design of the home grown utility vehicle is inspired by the needs of the youth as they seek style and technologically sound cars these days. This has been spotted by Mr. Ashesh Dhar, head of Utility Vehicles Products Group of Tata Motors. A powerful and blessed with new expertise, Sumo Gold is equipped with BS4 3.04 diesel CR4 engine that successfully brings out 85 PS power.

Tata Sumo Gold Photo

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To meet up with the youngsters’ expectations when it is about the appearance, this splendid SUV is a specimen of contemporary art effects. It is jeweled with eye-catching body graphics wider stance and lot more. Head-lights are innovated with shape and more attractive tail lamp cluster is provided. The interiors are sleek and kept gentle with accessories whereas the exterior is projected to be much bolder. Steering is comfortably fortified with a leather cover for a perfect grip. Hydraulic power assistance contributes with an extra control during drives.

A silver console and a redefined dashboard make it easy for the front-seaters to reach things that are kept on it. Hopefully, other features are also sophisticated and make this car a pleasure ride without compromising with the wildness of the real SUV genre.

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