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Monday, October 01, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Tata Vista in the race for COTY Award

Guess what is common in Audi A3, BMW 3-Series, Chevrolet Malibu or 500L and 34 other cars. All these cars are the finalists for the prestigious Car of the Year Award. These cars have been finalized to be in the race of cars for the award in Europe. However, there are certain criteria that these cars should fulfill in order to make it to the finalists list for the prestigious award. The cars should have been on sale for the last one year and must have secured a presence in over 5 European Countries. Besides, the car should manage to get over 5000 plus units sale every year. All these 34 cars fulfill these criteria and are in the race to become the best car in Europe.

Tata Indica Vista Pictures

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Most importantly, Tata Vista has also been included in the finalists and this is a great honor that an Indian small car is doing well in the foreign countries. The Vista is said to have been included in the list following its small size, powerful engine and sturdy nature. Besides, it is also said that the car has been most appreciated for its affordable price.


Tata Indica Vista Pictures

See More Tata Indica Vista Photos Get Tata Indica Vista Price

Among these a lot of cars are available in India as well while there are a lot of other that are highly anticipated. It is expected that the respective car makers will be launching cars as soon as the market conditions improve. Meanwhile such as contest in Europe is a positive move specially when the economic conditions in the region is grim and one or the other car maker are suffering the pangs due to slower sales. Also, the content will at least highlight these 34 cars which are also the hot favorites of the people of the region and that is why these have been included in the list of contenders. Among the 34 there are the Peugeot cars as well which were about to be launched in India but following the weak market conditions here as well as downslide in economy in Europe, Peugeot thought it worth to invest in the homeland rather than expanding in India or any other country.

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