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Thursday, June 23, 2016

By Kriti Gupta

TERRAFUGIA to bring revolution in the world of mobility

Where the dream of self driving car is soon going to come true in a year or two, U.S. based company TERRAFUGIA has taken a step ahead and has dreamed for bringing a flying car. To make this dream come true the company a clear vision and has initiated a program TF-XTM focusing on major factors including safety, convenience and simplicity, which in today’s scenario are considered as major factors by all major car makers across the world.
Facts associated with TF-XTM program: 
1. The program is still in its initial stage and the date of accomplishing project has been estimated between 8 to 12 years. 
2. The price of proposed flying car will be kept equivalent to top trims of luxurious cars, although the final price will be determined after the accomplishment of project.
3. With speed of 200 mph the car will be able to fly around 500 miles without any stoppage.
Convenient features that will be looked after in TF-XTM program:
1. It will be a four seater car offering comfort seating experience to all passengers.
2. The car will occupy normal parking space as required by a standard car.
3. The car can be driven equally on roads and highways depending upon the requirement of buyer and atmospheric conditions.
4. The car can be taken off from the diameter of 100 feet.
Safety features adhered in TF-XTM program:
1. The safety features that would be adhered in this dream car would be similar to safety features offered in any of the cars being launched in current scenario.
2. The car will be able to automatically take from air traffic, worst environmental conditions, and tower controlled airspace.
3. The car can be landed easily in non landing approved zones in case of an emergency.
4. Moving ahead in case of any emergency there would also be a parachute which can be used where auto-landing is not possible.
Simplicity of TF-XTM program:
1. Learning the drive of this car would be substantially simple than compared to any aircraft.
2. The operating system installed in this car would be similar to steering wheel offered in standard car.
3. There will be two driving option “manual” and ”automatic” which can be used by driver on authorised landing zones and airports.
Technical features of TF-XTM program:
1. The batteries installed in car can be recharged directly from engine or either from charging stations.
2. It will be similar to regular air craft bestowed with electronic ground drive and electric power assist feature while taking off and landing.
3. Before flying the driver will be required to determine primary target landing zone and backup landing zones.
4. Before landing the program operator will be required to say over when the approved landing zone is safe and they are in position to abort landing in case of emergency.
5. Aborting the third landing at the end of an extended flight would result in the automatic declaration of an emergency and a horizontal (airplane-like) landing at the nearest airport.

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