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Friday, December 05, 2014

By Kriti Gupta

Testing of driver less cars to start in United Kingdom from January 2015

What would be your reaction if somebody asks you to travel in a driverless car or you notice a car passing by your side without driver and all passengers sitting relaxed and comfort mood ? This question might surprise everyone and some might feel it is not possible.  But yes this question is soon going to be true by the end of this decade. It is reported that UK based car manufacturers have started the trials of driverless car on roads of United Kingdom. Interestingly these trials have raised a question among car enthusiasts that when we shall be able to enjoy travel in such cars. The trials of driverless cars would be conducted in Milton Keynes, Bristol, Greenwich and Bristol regions of United Kingdom.
This news has already created car enthusiasts to know about the results of these trials which will commence from January next year and will be conducted for almost 18 months. If everything goes well than soon we shall be enjoying traveling in cars which are not only driverless, but are fuel efficient, safe to drive and avoid tiredness and finally the last but not least an eco-friendly cars.
Although the success of these cars is hidden in future but once these cars succeed in their trials there would be a question that would it be practical to allow use of such cars in areas where there is huge traffic and who would be responsible for cause if these cars smash other car running beside them. Of-course question would be also answered at the appropriate time, till then it would be interested to see how these driverless cars perform during trials.
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