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Friday, March 02, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

The best fuel efficient diesel car with 67 kmpl of mileage

German car Loremo LS is indeed the car of the future. Seating for four, 1.5L diesel engine with never before 66.6 kmpl mileage and a top speed of 160 kmph and and… lots and lots of features. Whoosh! Is it a car or some mileage machine? All this at a price of only Rs 9.85 lakh (€15,000). Furthermore, this car weighs only 450 kg which is lighter than any other car in India. Less than even Tata Nano that weighs around 600 kgs. Above all, the car runs on diesel. This mouth watering, feature rich car has everything that a normal car has besides it is high on mileage and ultra low on pollution.  

Definitely, your next question in mind is when the bookings are going to open in India. Relax! The Loremo LS car is going to take time before it is launched in India. However, the German company is desperately trying to assess its prospects in India and China. Sure enough with such features and modern styling and at this price it will be a hit in any market.    

The ultra low weight and perhaps the highest mileage diesel car has seats in front and two at the rear. The front door opens forward up while the rear seat passengers enter and exit through the door that is more like a boot. The chassis is made of steel and weighs under 100 kg. Despite being less in weight, the car has not compromised with the safety and the passengers are safe inside thanks to the robust passenger cell and side impact protection with a 22 inch crumple zone.  

Besides a mileage of 66.6 kmpl in diesel, the car is also big on space inside and features akin to any premium luxury car. A 1500cc two cylinder diesel engine powers it to the tune that it accelerates to 100kmph in just 10 seconds. German car maker Loremo design ideology behind this car is that if the car weight is kept low it will surely deliver mileage and performance apart from less pollution.

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Vishal Shikhare

Saturday, March 03, 2012

It will hit the car market and make a new revolution, waiting in India my dear.

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