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Monday, December 12, 2011

By Manoj Kumawat

The upgraded Toyota Prius is ready to launch on schedule

Clearing all the backroom chat and speculations, Toyota has now officially confirmed its plans to launch the upgraded hybrid car Toyota Prius at the forthcoming Indian Auto Expo, Delhi 2012. Right after demonstrating Prius’s minor facelift at the Frankfurt Motor show earlier this year, the car has already become an instant hit in viewer’s eyes.

Toyota Prius having become the top selling hybrid car of the world is now all set to step up in Indian market in full bloom with its upgraded version. Previously, it was marketed and sold in India as per company’s commitment towards offering cleaner automotive technologies, but could not do so well due to its direct import, which enlarged its ultimate price.

Toyota Prius Pictures

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Fuel economy is certainly the drive behind developing this concept car and having expected the same concern in Indian buyer’s mind, the company is now looking forward to put its best efforts to market it in India. Toyota has already shown a range of personalized Prius Vehicles across the world, but we pay courtesy to the company to have exclusively developed this model for Indian domestic market, which assures it to be better than Standard Prius and extra fun to drive.

Globally, the Prius was besieged at Hollywood actors, public figures and economically cognizant individuals, who helped Toyota selling the record units of the hybrid car in the fastest time. This time around in Indian market too, they may pursue the same strategy to spread the words, although such information has not been announced yet.


Toyota Prius Pictures

See More Toyota Prius Pictures Get Toyota Prius Price


So far, Honda Civic Hybrid has been the only hybrid car, which went on to sell a few numbers, whose initial price too had to cut down by Rs 8 lakh, initially where it was priced over to Rs 21 Lakh, it lowered down to 12 to 13 lakh.

But the time seems changing a lot in these couple of years, when India has seen the sky rocketing inflation and ever increasing fuel prices, which has made it necessary to opt an alternative technology, which is by far the electric hybrid. So, let’s hope for the best.

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